Khris Royal

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Khris Royal is a prolifically-talented and politically-active multi-instrumentalist based in New Orleans. The erstwhile saxophonist/EWI/keyboardist/bassist/Ableton producer holds a resume both extensive and impressive, having worked with George Porter Jr, Rebelution, Dr. John, Solange, and a plethora of other heavy hitters. Khris Royal & Dark Matter is primarily a solo outlet for Royal, his first DM record dropped in 2009, and it would be a full decade until he released the sequel. Dark Matter II was mostly recorded back in 2012-2013, with a few newer joints and overdubs in the interim years; he got sidetracked – first with Porter and then later touring the world with Rebelution. The album – as a sound – doesn’t scream NOLA, in fact, DM2 hardly even mentions it. Instead, Khris rolls out a funky bunch of tracks that clearly employ elements from Prince’s Revolution and New Power Generation heyday. Royal reveals a respectful homage but doesn’t try to emulate, though Prince certainly looms large throughout; less overt but still present are early 00’s EDM synths, colors and textures, contemporary trap-style 808s, and other eclectic electronic ideas from around the way. One can pick up on modern-day influences like D’angelo and Soulive woven within the compositions and the performances that make up DM2.